Sage Investment Protection Program Landing Page now Live!

Over the past few weeks we have introduced you to the Sage Investment Protection Program, designed to help Sage PFW ERP and Sage Pro ERP customers protect their Sage ERP software investment, and to ensure that a customer stays in the Sage family when switching ERP solutions.  

Last month we started to promote this offer to our Sage Pro ERP and Sage PFW ERP off-plan customers with the first, in a series of monthly e-mails. You can review a copy of this e-mail here. The e-mail asked customers to visit our Sage Investment Protection landing page to learn about the program and about other Sage ERP solutions. 

In addition to product overview videos, the landing pages also provide more detailed information on the Sage Investment Protection program, such as module mapping, ISV offers, and multi-year discount levels. 

Sage Pro ERP or Sage PFW ERP customers moving to other Sage ERP solutions, will find that is designed to support you in this effort. 

Please keep in mind that that the Sage Protection Program expires on December 31, 2011.