Sage PFW Intelligence Updates

For those partners who attended Summit, there was plenty of chatter and excitement about the upcoming release of Sage PFW Intelligence. There were also some questions regarding support and releases with this business intelligence product that we’d like to clarify. 

Support for FRx

Support for FRx will continue until the your next renewal date or until December 31, 2012, whichever date comes first, at that time your FRx licenses will automatically be transferred to the new Intelligence product.  New product sales for FRx will end on December 31, 2011. 

It’s expected that customers would migrate from FRx to Sage PFW Intelligence between the release of Intelligence and December 31, 2012. As a reminder FRx verison 6.7 will continue to work with Sage PFW v.5.9 so you may work on transitioning your statements and run them concurrently for a period of time. 

Sage PFW Intelligence Roadmap

The planned roadmap specifically surrounding FRx and Intelligence is outlined below. It will be our plan to follow this plan as closely as we can and as always our first goal is to ensure that our Business Care customers receive the best support for their product as possible. 

New PFW Intelligence Community!

Join the PFW Community today and start learning and discussing with fellow partners and users as we get closer to the release of Sage PFW 5.9. 

Sage PFW Intelligence Training

Training session dates will be posted very soon. Please check for the most recent updates in training available.