Exemption Certificate Lifecycle Management – Limit your audit liability for non-taxed transactions

Would you like an easier way to manage your exemption certificates?  Would an online, immediate and electronic format save you time?  If you’d like to reduce your audit liability and risk we have just the solution for you – AvaTax Certs provides:

  • Easy online collection―fast processing: Reduce the turnaround time for non-taxed transactions. AvaTax Certs’ rule-based wizard walks your customers and/or staff through initiating and providing the exemption certificate in minutes. Virtually eliminate slow down or losing your customers for Internet transactions.
  • Exemption certificate verification: AvaTax Certs ensures that each certificate is valid. No more accepting improper certificate numbers and information such as W-9s or 1099’s.
  • Electronic storage and accessibility: Digital document storage of each certificate empowers your company to easily access certificates from anywhere, any time. Quickly produce certificates for auditors. Retain all records for the legally required amount of time for full compliance and easy access in case of audit.
  • Transaction and Certificate Association: Improve the customer and staff experience by associating the correct exemption certificate to transactions automatically. Your customer only has to produce the certificate and its expiration date once. All transactions that include non-taxable products will be associated with future transactions with that customer.
  • Expiration monitoring and renewal notification: AvaTax Certs software automatically tracks certificate expiration dates. Proactive notification is sent to you so you can initiate certification renewal requests or handle invalid certificates. No more manual checking for validity and current status of any customer’s certificate—AvaTax Certs takes the worry away with renewal notices and expiration monitoring.

Limit your non-taxed transaction audit liability! Don’t wait! Contact Cherry at Emerald TC today to learn more.

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