FREE WEBINAR: Web Store Integration Benefits

More and more companies are moving into the realm of selling their products online.  Many typically focus initially on the web store, and as orders begin to come in and volume grows, they have to deal with managing their inventory, purchasing and shipping of orders. Frequently the back-end processing is manual, Excel-based or re-keyed into an existing accounting system.

If this sounds like you, your manual or disconnected back-end system has likely become a drag on your ability to grow sales, or a cause of inefficiencies, errors and potentially customer dissatisfaction. Statistically, you’re most likely to only start looking at integrating your web store and back-end system seamlessly and efficiently once you’re already in this mess. By integrating your online sales with a robust ERP system as early as possible you avoid these and other pitfalls that frequently limit the growth potential of many businesses.

Customers using the Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 accounting system have several options for an integrated shopping cart solution.  Some businesses are looking for an entirely new, web-optimized and integrated website.   Others have selected a website developer and/or already have a website shopping cart solution but require the integration to the Sage ERP MAS 90/200 solution. Either way the best case scenario is to line up the tools and resources that are proven to work with Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200.

Join our FREE Webinar led by website integration expert, Bob Richter of ROI Consulting, Inc. Bob has been integrating websites with Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 since 1998.

Date:             Wednesday, November 2nd

Time:            11:00 am Eastern

Go to:  and call 1-800-371-8200, 467603#

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