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Sage ERP MAS 90 – Available Online Soon!

Sage ERP MAS 90 Online will be an exciting addition to the Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 product line, offering many of the known strengths with a low barrier to entry and accelerated deployment. As a Cloud-based SaaS solution, you’ll be able to get up and running faster, on an enterprise-level online solution without having to make a significant investment in infrastructure. And, when your needs grow, Sage will offer an easy transition from Online to On-Premise. For more details click the link above or contact Cherry Williamson at Emerald TC today!

Important Changes to Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 Credit Card Processing

Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 5.0 will contain a new integration with Sage Exchange. Sage Payment Solutions created this powerful integration tool to streamline credit card processing across the entire Sage product portfolio. As part of this implementation, credit card numbers will no longer be stored within Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200. Instead they will be stored in the Sage Exchange Vault.

With the introduction of Sage Exchange in Version 5.0, the integration to PC Charge Payment Server will no longer function because it requires that credit card numbers be stored within the ERP system. Sage Payment Solutions will be the only supported credit card processor for the Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 product line.

  • For existing customers who wish to continue using PC Charge until their existing credit card processing provider contract expires, supported versions of Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 will continue to work with PC Charge. This includes version 4.5.
  • PC Charge version 5.9.3 will be the last version tested by Sage for compatibility with Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200. While subsequent versions of PC Charge may continue to work, they will not be validated as compatible by Sage.
  • As has always been the case, requests for customer assistance for PC Charge should be directed to VeriFone. If a customer purchased PC Charge from Sage within the last 12 months, their purchase included an initial 12 months of VeriFone technical support. If they purchased PC Charge over a year ago, they will need to renew their support agreement directly with VeriFone.
  • Sage will discontinue telephone support for all versions of the Credit Card Processing powered by PC Charge Payment Server module as of December 31, 2012. Until then, Sage will continue to provide telephone support for the Credit Card Processing powered by PC Charge module, while VeriFone must be contacted for any support for the PC Charge Payment Server application.

Top reasons why GL, AP, and AR customers should upgrade to Sage ERP MAS 500 version 7.4

If you are still hesitant to upgrade to Sage ERP MAS 500 Version 7.4 we have some compelling reasons why this upgrade is worth the time and expense, including:

  • Ability to Create and Track Negative Invoices: Customers don’t always pay invoices the way they are intended. Tracking overpayments as unapplied amounts has been a less than optimal solution. With Version 7.4, those overpayments can now be tracked as negative invoices using the original invoice number, and they appear and behave just like a credit memo.
  • Simplified Process Issues Refunds from Cash Receipts: What used to take thirteen steps in multiple modules is now accomplished in three easy steps.
  • Business Insights Improvements: We’ve taken what is arguably one of the most powerful tools in Sage ERP MAS 500 and made it even better by improving the performance and adding additional features.
  • Performance improvements are the result of updated controls, an improved select engine, and optimized metadata
  • A new Top “N” Option further improves performance by limiting the number of records returned on initial load, and provides a quick view of toper performers, be it: customers, items, salespersons, product lines, or any view that can be ranked.
  • New export options provide a choice to export either all data returned for the view or only the data as it appears in the grid. This feature allows customers to use the view to format the data just the way they want it and then export to Excel, HTML or PDF as a quick report or for further analysis without having to repeat the filtering processes.
  • New right-click filter option allows faster addition and removal of columns to the filter.

Ready to learn more?  Contact Cherry Williamson at Emerald TC.

Sage Details Rebranding Roadmap

As announced in July during Sage Summit, the majority of Sage’s product names such as Accpac, MAS, Timberline, and even Peachtree will soon become a memory as major rebranding efforts will result in much of the software becoming simply the company name and a number.

Across Europe the Sage brand is widely known, and its products all have the Sage brand followed by a number. The company’s goal is to have North American products more in line with the rest of Sage, solidifying the company’s identity among its customers.

Product name changes in North America are expected to begin as early as April 2012 and will continue throughout the year.  Changes include:

  • Sage Peachtree will become Sage 50
  • Sage MAS 90 and 200 will become Sage 100 ERP
  • Sage MAS 500 will become Sage 500 ERP
  • Sage X3 will remain the same