How to Find the Right Sales and Use Tax Solution for Your Business

The market for sales and use tax solutions is harder to navigate than Times Square on New Year’s Eve. With all of the flashing lights, glitzy billboards, and noisy street vendors, it’s almost impossible to separate fact from fiction. On one side of the street you find shop after shop of desktop solution providers, and on the other, you find cloud application vendors. And it doesn’t stop there. On the next corner, you have to choose between single purpose tax providers and large conglomerates promising solutions for every imaginable business problem. Should you stick with established brands or boutique shops? And what about doing it yourself? Is that still a viable option? It’s enough to make you dizzy.

Finding the right sales tax solution doesn’t have to make your head spin. Read our whitepaper Ignoring the Hype:How to Find the Right Sales and Use Tax Solution for Your Business.

In this guided tour, we’ll help you eliminate the hype and separate fact from fiction so you can tell the difference between a real solution and a cheap knockoff. With proper information, you can be sure you won’t drop the ball on this important area of tax.