Top Features of Sage ERP X3 Version 6.4

Sage ERP X3 is a full-service, web-based ERP system designed to manage advanced, industry-specific business processes. It supports all business processes across finance, sales, CRM, purchasing, warehousing and manufacturing coordinated within one singular software design. A global solution, Sage ERP X3 dramatically simplifies the management of an international business and provides instant insight across multiple companies or locations, domestically or abroad.

Sage ERP X3 is designed for mid-sized and larger companies in the mid-market, and is the smart choice for wholesale distributors, hard goods manufacturers & process manufacturers with 50 to 2,500 employees or 20 to more than 1,500 users.

Sage ERP X3 offers a broad and deep functionality, covering standard industry requirements as well as being easily adaptable to each organization and its specific business processes. It combines all the advantages of large-scale ERP tools while maintaining simplicity, flexibility and scalability.

With Sage ERP X3 you can:

  • Streamline operations and increase productivity.
  • Enhance collaboration, with a web-native management system.
  • Grow your business, with a flexible and scalable solution.
  • Gain insight into your business, across multiple locations or countries, in real time.
  • Reduce cost, with an ERP system that is simple to configure and to manage.

Interested in learning more about the version 6.4 of Sage ERP X3? Download this informative whitepaper to access all of the product information.

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