Protect Your Companys Reputation Using CRM

In today’s internet age, the first thing a person does when information is requested is turn to a reliable internet search engine. There the person can find all sorts of information, good and bad, warranted and unwarranted, and if information is published that reflects poorly on a business, it is up to a customer relationship management team to make sure that company reputation is upheld.Customer complaints and issues travel at rapid speeds in today’s internet community. The reach and power of services such as Facebook or Yelp can turn private criticisms into public outcries. In March 2011 Google processed more than 1 billion searches a day, and with such a vast proliferation of data it would be easy for some discouraging information to fall through the cracks and damage the company’s reputation.

Internet patrolling must be upheld in order to ensure company stability and CRM efficiency. Combining search engine optimization strategy with social media monitoring is where success will be found.

By using CRM in order to connect with clients, a company’s reputation can be upheld by staying ahead of the curve. One way you can maintain an established, positive reputation by using CRM implementation is by embracing Facebook. According to Social Media Marketing Industry Reports, more than 88 percent of marketers are using social media data in their marketing plans. By taking advantage of the more than 800 million users on Facebook, businesses can key in on the one billion pieces of content exchanged weekly.

Company images and customer relationships can be maintained by using social media in order to connect with customers directly, in addition to shaping their original conceptions. For example, on Facebook, users who “like” a company’s brand are five times more likely to visit the corporate website.

In addition to Facebook, companies can use social media outlets in conjunction with CRM solutions in order to directly converse with customers. Through marketing or remarketing by contacting potential consumers through social media, a company’s CRM department can attain benefits similar to mobile CRM implementation. For example, by using a Twitter account, companies can establish and maintain customer relations by only using 140 characters and ensure the image the company has established is sustained.

Watch this presentation – “Social CRM: What is It and How to Implement” to learn more about using social media to supplement your CRM solution.

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