Take Control of Your Spending with Business Intelligence

Effective spend management requires real-time visibility and  flexible  controls. eRequester offers tools and methods for collecting, aggregating, and communicating data to help ensure  purchasing  best practices, compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, and reduced rogue spending. With eRequester’s Web Purchasing & Expense Management Software reporting features you can create reports on the fly, save custom templates for quick reference, and easily export or email information for analysis and communication. Role-based views ensure information is  available to the right decision makers, across multiple business units and companies.

eRequester reporting, search, and notification features offer you tools to oversee the purchasing process from creation, to when posting to accounting. These core features assist with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and ensure information can be made available to key decision makers across business units and companies, in real time, when they need it.

Search: Visibility into Spending
Use Advanced Search criteria to access requisitions, POs, receipts, and invoices based on multiple criteria including:

  • Requisition ID
  • PO/Receipt/Voucher ID
  • Invoice ID
  • Creation Date
  • Status
  • Vendor
  • Item
  • GL Account

Analyze: Custom Reporting Tools

  • Aggregate data by type for trend analysis, purchasing history reporting, and viewing transaction details.
  • Gain greater insight into your accounting system data via budget to actual reports in eRequester.

Collaborate: Share & Export

  • Conveniently share findings and standardize reporting with other parties in your organization.
  • Protect sensitive information in your ERP by allowing access to approved levels of information in eRequester.

Business Intelligence is about asking questions, gathering your findings, analyzing the data and informing decision-makers. Adding reporting and oversight to the purchasing process means increasing insight into corporate spending and providing tools that enforce good decision making. eRequester’s  reporting &  oversight features provide managers the information needed to make the right decisions for their organization and enable businesses to strengthen efficiency and productivity. Business intelligence is a critical feature of eRequester’s capabilities, reflecting key metrics of business spending performance.

eRequester’s reporting tools allow you to create custom reports on multiple levels including header, line level, item, and GL, even into your integrated accounting system. That information can be saved, exported, or sent to another party, allowing you to conveniently view and aggregate  key information  including  trends, purchasing history, or status of POs and requests. eRequester’s Advanced Search & Export feature gives users visibility into not only eRequester requisition information, but also purchase order, receipt, and invoice data in your accounting system. Easily share search results for increased flexibility.

Business intelligence will help you gain greater insight into your data and take control of your finances. Contact us to learn more about eRequester’s Web Purchasing & Expense Management Software.

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