SmartLinc Process Shipper Integration Coming Early 2013

It’s nearly here! The answer to your customers’ shipping woes, SmartLinc Process Shipper will be available for Sage 500 ERP early FY 2013. Your customers will love features like:

  • The “low volume” integration that allows packing in either Sage 500 ERP or through the Process Shipper web interface.
  • Or, the “high volume” integration that allows shipping staff to pack all day in the Process Shipper web interface and never really touch Sage 500 ERP.
  • Competitive rate shopping.
  • The option to ship parcels, partial truck loads, or full truck loads from the same portal.
  • The ability to prepare shipments for multiple shipping vendors, or even their own trucks all from one website.
  • The ability to track packages to an individual line level conveniently and easily.

Stay tuned for the launch announcement with pricing and options—coming soon!

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