Go Paperless with Infor SyteLine

The turbocharged pace of just-in-time manufacturing demands rapid, perfectly synchronized access to information. In a world of information overload, paper documentation adds delays, confusion, and errors to your work process. It also bloats your environmental footprint and raises the costs of storing and managing paper documentation. To further complicate matters, it restricts the flexibility you need in your manufacturing process to stay competitive. Worst of all, unnecessary paperwork robs you of the agility you need to respond to rapidly changing business conditions and seize new opportunities.

Cut down on paperwork.
With Infor SyteLine Doc-Trak, you get best-in-class document management that streamlines your office and manufacturing operations, saves time, and eliminates the annoyance of managing paperwork. You can manage nearly any file type with Doc-Trak, and give everyone real-time access to the information they need to make better decisions.

With Infor SyteLine Doc-Trak, you get:

Linking documents—You can waste less time searching for documents by letting Doc-Trak link documents and other information directly to the point of use in Infor SyteLine. When your documents electronically follow the flow of the related data—customer documents stay connected to customer information, order documents stay connected to the order—you can stay focused on your business and get more done.

• You can link documents in Doc-Trak by specifying the location of the document in an ordinary web browser or file manager.

• Take advantage of automated, rules-based attachments in Doc-Trak that can intelligently link your documents and folders.

• Find any document instantly by letting Doc-Trak automatically archive any form that you print on your network and link it back to the point of origin in Infor SyteLine.

Document Automation—Eliminate duplicated effort and save time by letting Doc-Trak process documentation in the background while you perform normal functions in SyteLine.

• You can bundle or merge documents together with SyteLine forms, such as purchase orders or order verifications, to provide all documentation you need to ensure accuracy with your vendors and customers.

• Ensure document traceability when you, your customers, or your suppliers require material certification document tracking throughout the use and genealogy of materials.

Integration with Infor SyteLine Shop-Trak—Workers on your shop floor will have complete, real-time information about all assigned work when you integrate powerful document management capabilities with the unparalleled flexibility of Shop-Trak manufacturing execution software. They can instantly view or print the documents they need to complete their work without ever leaving their workstation. With drawings, schedules, quality specifications, and manufacturing notes at every shop employee’s fingertips, Doc-Trak helps you create and distribute paperwork faster. You’ll also prevent the confusion caused by having employees work from outdated versions of drawings or specifications.

You know that it’s more important than ever to give everyone in your company rapid, unambiguous access to the latest information. You’ll not only avoid wasting time, money, and materials, you’ll reduce the massive amount of effort your people spend every day dealing with paper based documents. Also, with accurate, instant information your staff and your managers will make more informed decisions and keep your company competitive. You get all that, and more, with Infor SyteLine Doc-Trak.

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