Boost Your Intelligence with Sage ERP X3

It‘s not enough to simply have the right information at your fingertips. You have to be able to accurately interpret it. Sage ERP X3 supports you with convenient tools designed to optimally evaluate, compile and present all your data. This ensures that every aspect offers maximum significance. Take advantage of the individualized design and evaluation options to consolidate the latest information in your enterprise – and make faster, better informed decisions on all levels.

Get the most from your information with end-user friendly decision support tools
To help your employees make fully-informed decisions, Sage ERP X3 provides relevant and up-to-date information through several decision-making tools. The Sage ERP X3 user portal enables each user to create a personalized management chart for real-time tracking of the indicators most pertinent to his task. General or detailed information appears in the form of graphs, tables or organized in a calendar, with links making it possible to follow the entire security audit trail up to the information details. Based on an indicator in the management chart or any inquiry screen, users can go back, through successive zooms, to detailed information or support items, which explain a given result. Research that used to require several hours, and sometimes the involvement of several people, is now accessible in a few clicks.

A dedicated function makes it possible to define a statistical base including data compiled on the basis of several criteria, by enabling them to be viewed through successive zooms up to the finest detail, for all data in the base. The results of the aggregate calculated in this manner can be published on the portal.

For accounting reporting and simulations, Sage ERP X3 provides a financial management chart generator. Here again, a set of management charts (balance sheet, income statement, intermediate management balances, etc.) are delivered preconfigured standard. For all editions, Sage ERP X3 integrates the Crystal Reports™ statement generator and provides a library of nearly 400 reports: general ledger, balances and daily account activity, invoices, delivery orders, packing lists, shop packet, labels, inventory statements, analyses and lists can be used directly.

Drag-and-drop business intelligence for users
Sage ERP X3 also integrates a powerful business intelligence tool (optional), adding flexibility to your analysis. Powered by Business Objects™ technology, it provides end users with insight through self-serve information access, data exploration and interactivity. Users can ask spontaneous and interactive business questions of your company’s data. The standard Sage ERP X3 business intelligence universe offers a comprehensive set of business analysis dimensions that can be easily adapted and/or enriched to fit your specific needs.

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