Streamline Your Order Fulfillment Process with Infor SyteLine

Do you run small shipping operations at a single site? Are you a large warehouse distribution company across multiple sites? Whatever the size of your manufacturing or distribution company, Infor SyteLine is the solution designed to meet all of your manufacturing needs.

This solution can help you:

  • Make shipping easier with multi-carrier support for Parcel, LTL, Truck, or user-defined carriers and full automation to print labels and paperwork, capture costs, record tracking numbers.
  • Reduce shipping errors by leveraging barcode scanning and wireless/RF data collection to reduce paper and eliminate redundant data entry in put-away, picking, packing, shipping.
  • Grow internal revenue with automatic printing of export paperwork (e.g. commercial invoice, certificate of origin, etc.), easy use of freight forwarders, integrated AES filing.
  • Boost productivity with a pick-ship workbench for managing shipping priorities, flexible inventory allocation to improve service-levels, and picking methods that enhance speed and efficiency.
  • Improve customer service with contents packing that helps you personalize labels, paperwork, email, and EDI to respond to key customer requirements and easy online shipment tracking.

Discover how Infor SyteLine can streamline and automate every step of your order fulfillment process – contact us today.

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