The Manufacturing Outlook for 2013

2013 is expected to be a good year for those in the manufacturing industry.

In order to maintain operational efficiency, manufacturing companies are expected to adopt several new trends that will not only transform their operations but will also give them a competitive edge in this highly-competitive industry.

Take a look at the five trends expected to transform the manufacturing industry this year:

  • Mobile Technology

Mobile solutions are the answer to every manufacturing company’s efficiency needs. From the design phase to production and sales, mobile solutions deliver the promise of digitized workflows and real-time operational visibility so employees can access important data away from the confines of their desk.

This will greatly improve operational efficiency, giving employees ability to view and interact with operational data both on-site and off-site.

  • Supply Chain Risk Management

New technology will empower manufacturing companies to react more quickly to disruptive events and manage the supply chain with ease. These solutions (such as supply chain management) will help monitor risks, identify alternate suppliers and help plan disaster strategies collaboratively.

  • Social Media Adoption

Social media adoption is expected to take off in the manufacturing sector this year. Companies are now realizing the value of social media and will use it as a collaborative tool that connects experts to solve problems, gathers more business intelligence and connects companies with their customers in order to review products and gather ideas for new ones.

  • Big Data

Say goodbye to discarding data solely because you cannot use or process it. This year, big data is in. Manufacturing companies will discover how big data can help collect information on manufacturing processes down to every last detail and translate it into data they can actually use.

  • Cloud technology

The Cloud is changing the way manufacturing companies store data and connect with their various sites. Expect more companies to rely on cloud technology for their operation efforts. What on-premise ERP implementation used to accomplish in a year can now be accomplished in a matter of weeks thanks to the Cloud.

Expect more and more companies to start adopting cloud technology to improve their operational efficiency, visibility, and interaction with other manufacturing sites.

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