Top 7 Reasons to Upgrade to Sage 500 ERP 2013

If you are still running an older version of Sage 500 ERP, now may be the perfect time to upgrade your solution. In these lean economic times, companies need to take advantage of every tool available to increase efficiency and protect your profit.

The newest version of Sage 500 ERP is packed with several new features and enhancements that enable you to work more efficiently and effectively. With Sage 500 ERP 2013, you can:

1. Improve cash flow by processing and tracking cash receipts efficiently and accurately thanks to new import and tracking capabilities

2. Ship cost-effectively and efficiently while improving delivery times with the new Shipping feature

3. Save time navigating business processes with new Visual Process Flows

4. View payment information on the web through tablets or desktops via the Sage Exchange Portal

5. Process credit card payments easily with Sage Mobile Payments

6. Reduce errors with easy-to-use bank reconciliation tasks and sub-ledger enhancements

7. Protect your company against fraud by storing sensitive data (such as cardholder information) in the secure cloud-based Sage Exchange Vault

Are you interested in learning more about the enhanced features of Sage 500 ERP 2013? Contact us today to learn how these new features and enhancements can benefit your company.