Empower Your Business with Sage ERP X3

As the market continues to grow more competitive, CEOs across every industry are searching for ways to stay ahead of their biggest competitors. According to a recent study, companies with strong collaborative relationships between C-suite executives and CIOs are four times as likely to experience economic success.

The report also found that organizations with strong collaboration accomplish IT projects on time and within budget 100 percent of the time, while reporting revenue growth of more than 25 percent.

Sage ERP X3: Enabling Companies to Perform Better
In another recent survey, nearly 80% of mid-market companies reported that they had difficulty in gaining insight into their business operations. The survey revealed that modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, like Sage ERP X3, enabled businesses to support stronger collaborative relationships across their organization. As a result 59% companies reduced operating costs and 51% grew their businesses.

According to the survey, Sage ERP X3 adopters have improved collaboration across the workplace. With powerful functionality out of the box including integrated business intelligence that provides companies with 360 degree view across their business unit; a flexible design that adapts to unique business processes; and a simple cost-effective platform that is easy to use and fast to implement, companies are empowered to take their business to the next level.

Additional benefits as a result of stronger collaboration include enhanced productivity (cited by 47 percent of respondents) and better business insight/risk management (53 percent) — all of which are contributing to decreased operational costs.

The numbers don’t lie – Sage ERP X3 is transforming businesses all around the world. Empower your business today by making the Sage ERP X3 investment.

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