Gain Valuable Insight into Your Company with Sage 500 ERP

Successful manufacturing and distribution companies are those that are smart enough to leverage their business intelligence to lock in their competitive edge. Sage 500 ERP includes powerful business intelligence tools, including Business Intelligence, Business Insights Dashboard, Business Insights Explorer, Business Insights Analyzer, Alerts, and analysis reports to help distributors and manufacturers gain deeper insight into their sales, purchasing, inventory, and production information. These tools not only help provide the insight behind the numbers, they help you move from reactive mode into proactive mode.

Sage 500 ERP gives you the tools you need to work smarter, not harder.

Stay Informed with Distribution and Manufacturing Alerts

Sage 500 ERP utilizes standard and customized early warning email messages to notify you of critical events, such as potential out-of-stock situations at the warehouse, quotes due to expire, receipt of back-ordered stock, late work orders, and more. Users can configure their email system to forward alerts to their mobile phone so they can be instantly alerted to important warehouse and production issues wherever they are. Sage 500 ERP puts your company ahead of the game by keeping your managers in the know, giving them a proactive edge.

Supply Chain Analysis

The Business Insights Analyzer provides users with the ability to organize, graph, and format summarized information within the Sage 500 ERP system. Contextual mappings have been configured that allow a user to jump directly to data views for advanced analysis and reporting on virtually any data in the Sage 500 ERP database. Predefined views include purchase and vendor history, sales history, inventory and inventory transaction history, and production analysis.

It is important that your business have a powerful, comprehensive, and flexible ERP solution to support your business growth. With Sage 500 ERP, you will have everything you need to streamline your business processes for maximum efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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