Are You Wasting Time in the Distribution Process?

Time is valuable; no one seems to have enough. And once it’s gone, it can’t be recovered. Every one of your competitors has exactly the same amount of time, but the best companies use it differently.

As a distributor, you may find that speed is your best competitive differentiator. The faster you can use relevant information, the better you can respond to your customers and their needs. Know what’s happening before the word gets out, and you’ll have an advantage with suppliers.

While competing by price is at best difficult, competing by time is an area where every distributor has a chance to succeed. According to his whitepaper, Competing in Time, Steve Epner of Brown Smith Wallace Consulting Group lists five keys to competing in time, five rules to make it work, and five basic time management targets that distributors should consider.

Do you know exactly how much time it takes from:

  • Order entry to ready-to-pick
  • Ready-to-pick ticket to ready-to-ship
  • Ready-to-ship to delivery
  • Processing an order to invoicing
  • Receipt of a complaint to resolution

By competing in time on these five basic transactions, you’ll improve your customer experience, decrease costs, improve profitability, and blow away the competition. Learn more about completing these transactions in a timely manner to get ahead of your competition by clicking here.

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