Do You Need to Grow Your Email Subscriber List? CRM Software Can Help

Although email marketing use has declined in recent years, it remains significant to small-business owners. A recent study of more than 700 small companies and nonprofit organizations revealed the majority are constantly working to build their email subscriber lists.

Among the reasons for acquiring more email addresses, encouraging repeat business and customer relationship building were ranked highly. Companies also reported wanting to generate consumer engagement to increase the chances of existing clients giving referrals. Many small-business owners acknowledged improving customer engagement is a way of maintaining current clients and gaining new ones.

Since email marketing remains a significant strategy for smaller companies, growing a contact list has become a priority for many parts of the organization. The majority of small businesses train employees to ask for customers’ contact information during a purchase. Some companies ask customers for their email addresses through social media, and many owners reported they ask for clients’ business cards. The survey suggested asking clients to stay in touch is a good way to maintain relationships.

CRM can help companies grow subscription lists
Email marketing is popular among small-business owners, and since many entrepreneurs want to increase their number of subscribers, customer relationship management (CRM) software can be a valuable tool to track client contact information. CRM makes it easy to send out customer communications and improve engagement. By collecting information from consumers, companies can improve the quality of their products and services.

However, clients don’t see the efforts taking place behind the scenes, so companies need to consider how their CRM is improving relationships. While CRM tools are effective for gathering data, the company needs to interpret and act off of the information it has collected.

Formerly, marketing practices did not always take client-business relationships into consideration, but marketing has shifted toward a more consumer-centric approach. CRM can be useful for all companies, as it helps improve relationships and maintain accurate information. When consumers provide valuable input, marketers may need to investigate data carefully to find out what individual customers want. This information can be used to strengthen the quality of interactions with these customers.

With many small-business owners trying to increase brand awareness and loyalty, CRM can be beneficial to effectively managing large amounts of data and maintaining relationships with clients. For more information about how CRM can improve your customer engagement, contact us today. We provide businesses of all sizes with the right CRM solution for their needs.

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