Make Quality Control Count with Infor SyteLine

Your customers require products made to their precise specifications. You require the same of your suppliers. You are equally committed to the same exacting level of quality within your company and across your entire organization. You face endless challenges in complying with government regulations, providing quality records to auditors and customers, and continually making improvements to your organization.

For this reason, Infor has developed Infor SyteLine. The Infor SyteLine Quality Control Solutin will advance your business by:

  • Managing quality-based processes, such as non-conformance and corrective actions
  • Improving data integrity and consistency
  • Enforcing a controlled and repeatable process
  • Providing audit information and reporting
  • Measuring cost of quality/non-conformance
  • Communicating quality to everyone in the business
  • Improving processes
  • Capturing quality data needed for compliance, such as traceability, inspection results, and reviews
  • Identifying improvement opportunities
  • Managing changes
  • Providing quality records to auditors and customers

Making Quality Control Count

Who’s responsible for quality? Everyone.

That’s an easy thing to say, but actions speak louder than words. When everyone in your company has effective quality control tools, your quality efforts accelerate. Infor SyteLine’s Quality Control Solution connects every individual associated with your business with your quality program. It also makes quality management an intrinsic part of everyone’s daily efforts. The Quality Control Solution integrates best-in-class quality into the SyteLine functions used to run your manufacturing operation. It supports quality activities relating to receiving, manufacturing, shipping and returns.

Infor SyteLine’s Quality Control Solution also manages advanced quality activities across your entire company, including quality incidents, change management, and responses to audit findings. Above all, the solution creates the framework for building a culture of continuous improvement throughout your businesss.

The Quality Control Soluion supports quality activities of your business, not just the manufacturing process. There are four distinct modules included in the solution, and all built on a common foundation of powerful quality management tools.

To truly make quality every employee’s responsibility, you first must have efficient and effective quality management tools. Infor SyteLine’s Quality Control Solution delivers the capabilities you need to make quality management an integral part of the daily responsibilities of everyone connected with your business. The solution blends first-rate quality control into the SyteLine functions that help you run your business, so quality management becomes central to your company’s culture.

Are you interested in making quality count? Learn more about Infor SyteLine here and contact us today to learn how your company can benefit from this substantial solution.

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