What is the Value of Sage 100 ERP to My Business?

There are a variety of benchmarks to determine the value of ERP technology to a particular company. Return on investment, total cost of ownership, employee performance, supply chain satisfaction, and comparing bottom lines before and after ERP implementation are just a few.

One other benchmark is based on data that is much harder to come by: How much does a company depend on their ERP every day?

Real companies are relying on modern ERP solutions every day to:

  • Support process manufacturing
  • Improve supply chain visibility
  • Provide a single view of the customer
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Realize a rapid return on investment (ROI)

The implementation of Sage 100 ERP solutions can have an immediate effect on many business challenges, including quality control, managing growth, customer satisfaction, communication issues, inconsistent data, and manual data entry. Once staff members are trained and the data migration from a prior system has been completed, businesses can begin benefiting right away. Sage 100 ERP’s benefits include:

  • Integrated data flow
  • Resource optimization
  • Improved job costing/estimating
  • Staff reductions/optimization
  • Reduced IT expenses
  • Stock reductions
  • Decreased returns
  • Reduced IT infrastructure
  • Improved communication
  • Cost savings
  • Time savings (faster payroll processing, faster order processing, faster inventory reconciliation)

Overall, Sage 100 ERP can help improve many of your company’s processes. With an integrated ERP solution, you will realize an even greater ROI and experience many more benefits. For more information about Sage 100 ERP, click here.

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