Go Mobile with Infor SyteLine

Infor-MobileYour customers expect you to solve their problems quickly and respond to them in a timely manner. However, more often than not, your sales and service personnel are out in the field and cannot access the data they need to complete a customer request. Customers are often left hanging until your employees can gain access to the company’s database or ERP system.

If you are looking to build customer loyalty and deliver exceptional customer service, you need to arm your workforce with mobile solutions. Mobility is key to customer satisfaction and employee efficiency. Giving your employees mobile access to important company and customer information (such as parts, inventory, unit history and repair instructions) ensures that your employees are prepared to answer customer inquiries in a timely manner. Everyone wins, and your customers stay happy.

Infor SyteLine’s Mobile Field Service Plus solution was developed for this reason. Just as Infor SyteLine streamlines your business, Infor SyteLine Mobile Field Service Plus streamlines your field service operation and allows you to serve your customers wherever your employees are located.

By outfitting your employees with mobile devices and Infor SyteLine Mobile Field Service Plus, you are extending the functionality of your system and:

  • Eliminating tedious data entry
  • Cutting down on paper-based work-orders, expense reports, and timesheets
  • Solving problems faster by equipping technicians with instant access to company data
  • Generating timely and accurate information to better decision-making
  • Improving your technician’s productivity and efficiency
  • Creating new sales opportunities out in the field
  • Improving quality by collecting more accurate information out in the field

By joining your back office and field service team, you improve your company’s efficiency and create a smarter business. You will also cut down on technician visits since your employees will be armed with the information they need the first time around. By giving them mobile access to your company’s ERP system, you give your technicians the information they need to identify and solve the problem without having to make a repeat visit.

Companies are turning to mobile solutions every day; don’t get left behind or – worse – lose your customers to the competition. Implement mobile solutions today so you can save time, improve efficiency, and better handle customer inquiries out in the field.

Learn more about Infor SyteLine and it’s mobile options here.

If you do not have an ERP system and would like to explore your options, give us a call today. We’d be more than happy to walk you through your options and guide you to the perfect solution for your business.

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