Sage CRM Receives an Upgrade

Sage-CRM-UpgradeSage recently released the latest version of Sage CRM – Sage CRM R1 2013. The new Sage CRM contains a variety of new mobile, collaboration, and social tools designed to improve collaboration and increase productivity both in and outside of your business. The newest version also includes Sage CRM Builder, which allows companies to easily adapt and extend the capabilities of Sage CRM to their current and future business needs. Take a look at the standout features included in the latest release of Sage CRM:

  • Sage CRM Builder – Using the Sage CRM Builder, you can easily adapt Sage CRM to fit your business needs and build business modules in five easy steps. This new feature gives you the tools you need to manage any area of the business, enabling you to seize new opportunities as they arise.
  • Mobile CRM – Sage CRM R1 2013 includes an enhanced mobile suite designed to help your sales team access real-time data on the go. The latest version includes mobile apps for iPhone and Windows 8, Sage CRM Lite for iPhone, and Sage CRM Sales Tracker for Windows 8.
  • Social CRM – The latest version of Sage CRM now provides customer insights from Facebook in addition to LinkedIn and Twitter. You can use all three social channels to listen to, engage, and learn about your customers and prospects, all within a single solution.
  • Improved Reporting – The newest reporting features allow you to generate new and existing chart types in HTML5, create graphic charts and visual reports with interactive graphs, export customized reports, and make informed business decisions.

Learn more about what Sage CRM can do for your business here. If you’d like to learn more about the latest version of Sage CRM and how it can improve your customer relationship management, give us a call today at (678) 456-6919.

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