Introducing Sage 100 ERP Version 2014

Introducing-Sage-100-ERP-2014Sage has recently unveiled the latest version of Sage 100 ERP (set to be released sometime in February or March). As with most product updates, Sage has taken the requests from its customers seriously and developed a more complete and user-friendly product.

Here are some highlights of Sage 100 ERP Version 2014:

  • Custom reports from the Custom menu now have the “Keep Report Window Open After” check boxes available for printing and previewing.
  • Autocomplete – Added to customer, vendor, and item number fields. You can locate records by entering the customer or vendor name, or the item description in the Customer/Vendor/Item NUMBER/CODE field. As you type, a list of records matching your entry appears and you can select your desired entry from the list.
  • Invoice Data Entry in Accounts Payable now has a new Invoice List button allowing you to scroll through (or select from a lookup) from the invoices currently in data entry.
  • This new Invoice List button is also available in both A/R and A/P Repetitive Invoice Entry.
  • The standard Financial Reports now have the “Keep Window Open” option.
  • Electronic Reporting is retiring, being replaced by Aartix eFiling. Remember – there is no charge to print forms on plain paper.
  • All mobile services are now available: Sage Mobile SERVICE, Sage Mobile SALES, Sage Billing and Payment, and Sage Inventory Advisor.
  • Sage 100 will be compatible with Windows 8.1!

NOTE – Payroll Reminder
There are new tax tables which affect Federal and various state tax tables. Particularly affected are Massachusetts employers, who have a new Employer Medical Assistance Contribution Tax (MAC). This is loaded as part of the IRD.

Also, if you have any employees who have past the FICA limit, please do not load the new tax tables until you have printed your W2’s. We aren’t sure if this restriction will still apply next year when W2’s must be done via Aatrix – stay tuned for more information.

If you have any questions regarding the latest update, please give us a call today at (678) 456-6919.

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