Manage Your Fixed Assets Remotely with Sage Fixed Assets

Sage-Fixed-AssetsMake your fixed asset management even easier with Sage Fixed Assets and Remote Access Technologies! Sage Fixed Assets provides your company with the flexibility you need to manage your fixed assets anytime, anywhere. You can update, manage, and report on your fixed asset data whether you are in the office, traveling, telecommuting, or working away from the office for the day. The system works with virtually any remote access technology, enabling seamless remote connection to your company’s fixed asset information.

Take a look at some of the advantages your company could gain with Sage Fixed Assets and Remote Access Technologies:

  • Flexibility – With Sage Fixed Assets, adding additional remote users is quick and easy. Simply use a thin client (such as Citrix) or access through a Web browser using Microsoft Windows technology.
  • Reliability – The application and database are stored in one location rather than multiple databases on multiple computers.
  • Security – Unlike many Web-based systems that require you to host your data in a datacenter, all of the data within Sage Fixed Assets is stored safely at your central location, on your company’s server.
  • Compatibility – Sage Fixed Assets is compatible with all operating systems and are built into most newer Windows operating systems (or available as third party solutions).

Contact us today to learn how Sage Fixed Assets can give you complete fixed asset control!

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