Make Payroll Management a Breeze with Sage HRMS

Payroll-Management-Sage-HRMSMaking sure your employees get paid on-time and accurately is a huge responsibility. Without an effective and efficient payroll management system, your payroll process is likely to be time-consuming and stressful. Sage HRMS (formerly Sage Abra) can relieve some of the stress related to the end of a pay period and help your payroll team complete payroll processing accurately and on-time every pay day.

Take a look at the features of Payroll Management and see for yourself how Sage HRMS can make the payroll process a breeze:

  • In-House Payroll System: Sage HRMS gives you complete control over your payroll process and sensitive payroll data. The solution is flexible to meet your needs to produce accurate (and timely) payroll in-house. Users can simplify payroll processing with selection lists and anytime check processing, as well as stay in compliance with current tax laws.
  • Outsource Payroll Options: With Sage HRMS, you have the option to outsource your payroll as well. Through BenefitMall, you can outsource your payroll and take advantage of the following features: employee payroll data viewing and maintenance, payroll processing, reporting tools, payroll services, and employee self-service.
  • Check Printing: Users can create custom checks with SAP® Crystal Reports or take advantage of out of the box ready to print checks available with Sage Payroll CheckPrint.
  • Payroll Cards: You can save money on your payroll processing costs with Sage Payroll PayCard (provided by FlexWage). This easy-to-use alternative (Visa debit card) to paper checks enables your employees to be enrolled in direct deposit, whether or not they have an existing bank relationship.
  • Time and Attendance Management: In Payroll Management, you can easily collect, analyze, and take control of your employees’ attendance and labor data online and in real-time. Sage Time and Attendance by Insperity contains employee and manager self-service features, eliminates the burden of manual processes, saves valuable time and money, and minimizes your company’s compliance risk.
  • Time-Off and Absence Tracking: With Sage HRMS, you can manage all kinds of time-off tracking, including incident-based time off such as jury duty, medical leave, and bereavement. You can also assign regular leaves of absence, track medical certification and recertification dates, manage and report on leaves of absence covered by FMLA, and track FMLA time taken with the full set of features delivered with Sage HRMS.
  • Tax Filing and Year-End Processing: Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling by Aatrix safeguards your company against filing errors and ensures that you meet all state and federal tax requirements.

Don’t let payroll be more stressful than it has to be – contact us today to learn more how Sage HRMS and Payroll Management can get you on the right track today.

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