Sage ERP X3 Gives Distributors the Boost They Need to Succeed

Sage-ERP-X3-Distribution-SuccessToday’s distributors are facing growing challenges and struggling to make ERP relevant. As new technology emerges and old solutions become outdated, many distributors are faced with having to make important decisions regarding their ERP and other technology solutions. Modern ERP solutions, such as Sage ERP X3, provide distributors with the functionality they need to succeed in a more globalized (and mobilized) world. By combining key technology (such as Cloud computing and mobility), Sage ERP X3 has quickly become one of the top solutions for distribution companies around the world.

Distributors who rely on Sage ERP X3 experience the following benefits:

  • Improved visibility for making better decisions
    With Sage ERP X3, you have a clear view of your business operations, enabling your leaders to focus on exceptions, accurately evaluate risks, and make more effective (and faster) decisions. Many distributors rely on a variety of documents, spreadsheets and systems from which to pull their data; however, with Sage ERP X3, you have all the data you need in one solution. The data is compiled in real-time, allowing users to gain a realistic picture of the business at any point in time. Users can also take advantage of the user-defined dashboards, business analysis tools and reports, and automated workflows included in Sage ERP X3 to boost their decision-making processes.
  • Increased automation to keep up with current market demands
    Sage ERP X3 automates workflow so you can improve your productivity and respond quickly to current market demands. The powerful process automation capabilities of Sage ERP X3 adapt to your needs, creating a natural flow of work both within the business and with partners. By connecting your business, you can manage its growth more effectively, control your bottom line, keep up with demand, get to market quickly and continue to delight your customers with exceptional products.
  • Streamlined collaboration eliminate unnecessary work and waste
    Sage ERP X3 simplifies the task of doing business by streamlining collaboration across all business operations. This allows employees to react to challenges as they arise, giving you a boost in efficiency and effectiveness.

If you’re looking for a modern ERP solution capable of meeting your unique distribution needs, Sage ERP X3 is the solution for you. Businesses just like yours have managed to grow revenues, improve business and demand planning, boost sales efficiency, and improve inventory accuracy. Contact us today if you are interested learning more about how Sage ERP X3 can help your distribution company rise to success.

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