Pair Big Data with Customer Analytics to Improve Your Customer Relationships

Big-Data-and-CRMProviding quality customer service should be one of your company’s biggest priorities; therefore, taking adequate strides to measure customer satisfaction accurately should take precedence over many other nonessential business tasks. Determining what exactly your customers think of your company without receiving specific feedback can be difficult. However, with the right data and information, you can uncover a lot about your customers, your business, and your company’s reputation.

Before you go and walk a mile in your customers’ shoes, it may be a good idea to look at a few crucial facts and figures pertaining to your unique customer experience. This data can provide you with insight that experience cannot and – when used correctly – can help you shape more satisfactory customer experiences to improve sales and boost your company image.

Big data can help you determine a lot about your customers, your sales process, and your company’s reputation. In fact, according to a recent study performed by Gartner, many companies are pairing big data with CRM to uncover key areas that influence customer satisfaction and behavior. According to their findings, customer satisfaction is directly linked to the following:

  • Workplace Relationships
  • Employee Traits
  • Job Characteristics
  • Macroeconomic Trends
  • Company Practices

How is your company meeting customer expectations in the above areas? While it is important to understand how your customers are interacting with your brand, it is equally important to understand how your customers experience your brand. What are their interactions with your employees like? Do your company policies promote a healthy work environment so your employees – in turn – serve your customers to the best of their ability? Are the personalities of your employees suitable for their job, or was more consideration taken into their resume? These are important questions that can help you uncover key facts about your customers and brand.

Creating a Good Workforce is Key
Using data analytics, big data, and CRM systems is important in uncovering key findings about customer behavior and satisfaction; however, these tools cannot address the most important influencer of customer satisfaction: your workforce. Your employees are your direct line of communication to your customers; therefore, they should be chosen carefully. Research has unveiled some important facts about workforce behavior that should be taken into consideration as companies hire and realign their staff. Keep the following in mind as you assess how your workforce is affecting your customer relationships:

  • Previous experience is not a direct prediction of future performance.
  • Communicative trainers are more important that organized trainers.
  • Good managers make for good employees.
  • More often than not, the previously unemployed and job hoppers make the greatest workers.
  • Balanced overtime (1 – 3 hours a week) increases employee productivity and retention.

If your workforce is burnt out and unappreciated, the chances of your customers having a quality experience are low. Take some time to assess how your current practices and policies support both employee and customer health. If you are currently using Sage CRM to monitor your customer relationships, give us a call to see how you can start using big data to uncover key facts about the behavior of your customers and your workforce. We’d love to help you create lasting relationships!

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