Gain a Look at How Infor SyteLine can Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Efforts

Infor-SyteLineWe put so much time and attention into helping our customers pick the right solution for their needs because we truly believe the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software you use matters. For businesses in the manufacturing industry, this statement is especially true. Your ERP software has the potential to influence your productivity, profitability, and ability to meet your company goals. Choose the wrong software and you are essentially swimming downstream fast.

Infor SyteLine can help you achieve your manufacturing goals and improve your profitability substantially. For those in the metal fabrication industry, Infor SyteLine has achieved increasing success rates. Software users have listed the following benefits:

  • Integration throughout the system
  • Data visibility
  • The ability to make more strategic decisions
  • Reduced inventory (sometimes by 50%!)
  • The ability to see what’s happening on the shop floor
  • And more!

We understand the need to test the waters and find out what the software can do for your company before taking the next step toward investment. While we can taut the benefits of the software all we want, you’re going to need to hear it from a company who actually uses the software day-in and day-out. Watch this video to see how MetCam is using Infor SyteLine to improve their metal fabrication business, and then contact us to find out how you can learn more.

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