Mobile ERP: Is it as Good as it Sounds?

Sage-100-ERP-Mobile-SolutionsA common misconception among businesses is that mobile solutions hinder productivity and lead to wasted time. The reality is, mobility has caused a surge in productivity among all industries and business types. When paired with Cloud technology, there truly is nothing mobile solutions cannot do.

We take that back – they can’t do all your work for you, but they can make it easier!

Mobile tools can streamline day-to-day processes and allow us access to information that was traditionally bound to the office, providing businesses with greater efficiency and more opportunities to increase their profitability. Managers and executives can access business software solutions remotely using their personal computers, tablets or smartphones from any locations, and employees can access their email wherever they have an Internet connection. Everything is more accessible, making it easier to get work done faster and better than before.

If you are looking to embrace the mobility trend (and you should), Sage’s newest upgrade to Sage 100 ERP will make it easy and painless. Sage Mobile Solutions was designed to help businesses just like you transition into using mobile technology in the workplace and capitalize on the benefits mobility brings to your business. Sage Mobile Solutions for Sage 100 ERP is comprised of Sage Mobile Sales, Sage Mobile Service, and Sage Billing and Payment. Each of these mobile applications work together to help you improve your profitability and build long-lasting relationships with all of your customers.

Take a look at what each of these Sage 100 ERP mobile solutions can do for you:

Sage Mobile Sales
The Sage Mobile Sales app for iPad gives you the capability to close more sales, leave a better impression, and get paid faster. With the app, your sales team can access all of the information they need to close a sale on-site. Because the app is integrated with your company’s Sage 100 ERP system, orders, quotes, and payments are updated in real-time. How’s that for instant access?

Sage Mobile Service
With Sage Mobile Service, you can give your field technicians the tools they need to deliver outstanding customer service out in the field. Your technicians can use this application to pull up a map of the location they are traveling to, access customer history and current repair orders, enter important customer and order information, take photos, and process customer payments immediately on-site. Customer receipts and estimates can all be sent through email so your customers always know what is going on with their order.

Sage Billing and Payment
Sage Billing and Payment gives you a choice in how you send your invoices and receipts, as well as how you receive payments. The app allows you to select your preference: email or paper-based invoices and receipts. You can also select whether or not you wish to receive electronic payments. This ability will allow you to get paid faster, reduce paper costs, save time, and improve your overall customer service.

All three of these new products integrate seamlessly into your Sage 100 ERP system. For more information, contact us today. We’d be more than happy to explain the benefits of going mobile with your ERP software and help you make the transition to a more-informed and capable business.

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