6 Benefits of ERP-CRM Integration

ERP-CRM-Software-IntegrationToday’s businesses have a variety of different software solutions to perform all kinds of tasks. Accounting software, business intelligence, human resource management software, inventory software…the list goes on and on. Many have turned to ERP to simplify and consolidate the flow of information within their company; however, many businesses are still experiencing a disconnect in a very important area: customer relationship management.

In order to fully serve your customers well, your sales representatives and customer service team need to have access to the important information contained in both your ERP and CRM systems. Typical sales and customer service reps, however, only have access to the information contained in their CRM system (which can be limited at best). This results in an information gap, preventing your employees from adequately performing their job and meeting your customers’ needs.

How do you know if you are experiencing a gap in information? Take a look at the following examples and see if you can identify with any of the situations:

  • There is a lack of communication between the sales department and the marketing department and accounting department.
  • Customer service reps cannot easily find information about the status of customer orders, resulting in frustration on both the employee’s end and the customer’s end.
  • You cannot easily view a customer’s comprehensive record (including financial information) without create a specialized report to join the information from both systems.

Solving the Gap

If you are currently experiencing an information gap that is impacting the quality of your customer service and the efficiency of your business, you are not alone. This is a common problem that can be easily fixed by integrating two crucial systems: ERP and CRM. By integrating the front-end of your business (service, sales, marketing) with the back-end of your business (operations, accounting), you give your team visibility into the complete customer relationship, not just the limited areas they concentrate on. This, in turn, lowers your risk, makes your customer service levels higher, and improves the productivity of your team.

The benefits, however, don’t end there. Take a look at all of the benefits your company could experience by joining together two of your crucial software solutions:

  1. Integrating your ERP and CRM software instantly improves your productivity across the entire business. It gives accounting and operations the information they need to do their job and sales the information they need to serve the customer.
  2. It helps you build stronger customer relationships. We all need to work on improving our relationships with our customers. As the competition increases and product availability and prices sway customers, it’s crucial to build solid, lasting relationships where you can. ERP-CRM integration provides you with the tools to do so.
  3. It keeps your company connected. When your teams are running on different systems, there is a general lack of connectivity that occurs. Your accounting department is only aware of situations if they are told, and your customer service team is only aware of order delays if they ask. With ERP-CRM integration, everyone in your company knows what is going on during the ordering process to the customer service line.
  4. It enhances reporting. When your ERP and CRM system are connected, you can run the reports you actually need. This allows you to arrive at decisions faster and implement changes quicker.
  5. It keeps you organized. Integrating your ERP and CRM software reduces the occurrence of duplicate information across your organization. It streamlines your data, keeping you organized so you can instantly pull up accurate information about any customer.
  6. It improves the quoting and ordering process. Employees using your ERP system will be able to see real-time orders as they come in through the CRM system. Sales reps can then use ERP to determine the status of their orders and then update customers throughout the process.

Could you company benefit from ERP – CRM integration? Then give us a call today! We’d love to help you start experiencing what it means to be a fully connected business.

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