How Small Businesses are Using Mobile Technology

Small-Business-Mobile-Technology-SolutionsSmartphones and tablets are everywhere. Whether you are in the office, at a restaurant or shopping in the mall, you will see people of all ages using these mobile devices to connect and get work done. While the pros and cons of mobility on our society can be disputed into we run out of breath, the truth is mobile is taking over. It has changed the way we interact with people on both a personal and professional level. In the business world, it has helped leaders and executives stay connected to the business even while they are away, providing both employees and leaders with a peace of mind.

While many smaller companies brush off the benefits of mobile technology, citing that the technology is just “too expensive” for such limited budgets, the truth is that mobile is the perfect solution for small businesses. Most businesses already own a few mobile devices, and if you don’t, you can be sure your employees do! This eliminates the need to go out and purchase new and expensive hardware, allowing you to use what you have and still stay current with today’s technology trends.

Once you have your device, the world is your oyster. Take a look at how some of today’s most successful small businesses are using mobile technology in the workplace:

  • Warehouse workers are pairing smartphones with barcode scanning software to scan inventory into warehouse management and ERP systems.
  • Managers are using tablets to view important reports so they can make crucial business decisions.
  • Retailers are using smartphones and tablets to complete sales transactions. Many are even using card readers that attach directly to their mobile device!
  • Sales representatives are using their smartphones to call customers and map directions to sales meetings, as well as to view product brochures and customer information contained in the company’s CRM system.
  • Employees are using their mobile devices daily to check their email and improve communication.
  • Retailers are scanning barcodes with their smartphone to keep track of inventory and look up lost or misplaced items.

The above situations show examples of companies using technology they already own to increase their efficiency, productivity and sales capability. Sage recently released their newest product to help businesses move into the mobile revolution: Sage 100 ERP mobile apps. These apps allow Sage 100 ERP users to streamline sales, improve customer service and simplify billing all on their tablets and smartphones. With Sage 100 ERP mobile apps, you can start experiencing the benefits of using mobile devices to get your work done faster.

If you’d like to learn how you can begin to implement mobile into your business structure, contact us today.

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