5 Reasons to Start the New Year off Right with a CRM System

Start-the-Year-with-CRM-SoftwareHow well are you managing your customer relationships? Can you say (with confidence) that you are doing everything you can to build healthy and sustainable relationships with your customers? If you stay on the path you are headed down, will your customers still be your customers by this time next year?

Before the year ends and the new one begins, it’s a good idea to take a realistic look at your customer relationship management situation. While your employees may be great at generating enthusiasm face-to-face, is their follow-through effective? Does your sales team and customer service department have all the information they need to manage your customers well? If your answer is no, it’s time you started to seriously think about a CRM investment.

Here are 5 scenarios that indicate it’s time for your business to invest in a CRM solution:

1. You cannot pull a comprehensive history on any customer. Having customer history at the tip of your fingertips is crucial to building positive customer relationships. When a customer calls to make an inquiry, they expect your customer service reps or sales personnel need to be knowledgeable about their history with the company. If your customer service department does not have access to or cannot find the information they need, you risk irritating the customer at best and losing the customer at worse.

With a CRM solution, your employees have all the customer information they need to do their job well. CRM software provides you with a rich account of each customer’s history with the company, detailing purchases made, emails sent and received, service requests, and more.

2. Your data is scattered – on notepads, in the phones of sales personnel, and in files that aren’t accessible to other departments. You may claim to be managing your business well using email, Outlook calendars and task management systems, but what happens when something falls through the cracks? When you rely on multiple systems to keep track of information and tasks, you put yourself at risk for forgetting (or losing) important information.

CRM provides a central location to keep track of your customer data, your employees’ schedules, and tasks. You can even connect it with your ERP system to obtain a more comprehensive customer view.

3. You have no way to keep track of tasks or customer-related events. Most employees don’t utilize the task management systems companies put in place to help keep track of deadlines and important sales calls. If your sales reps are still using Outlook’s Task Manager to track assignments and events, it’s time to make the switch.

A CRM system will not only help you keep track of every task and event, but it will also relate them to the appropriate customer or lead.

4. You cannot find that email from that one customer. Let’s face it – emails get lost all the time. When you’re juggling emails between multiple accounts and devices, it can be easy to lose or misplace important emails. This is not an effective way to keep track of customer information and history. Plus, when the conversation takes place between you and the customer, it stays between you and the customer.

With CRM, you can keep all of the communication in one spot so everyone knows what is going on with each and every customer. It tracks every email and conversation so you can adequately meet the customer’s needs when they call in to followup.

5. You cannot easily pull metrics without spending hours sorting through data and creating reports. Do you know how many successful projects you’ve had in the past six months? Can you quickly state your conversion ratio? Can you report on how well your last campaign performed? If you aren’t utilizing CRM software, probably not.

CRM software provides you with instant metrics on dozens of aspects of your business and customer campaigns. You can even customize reports to better track the metrics each of your department needs.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help your company reach the relational potential you’ve always dreamed of and give you the organization you need to manage customer information effectively. When integrated with your existing ERP solution, there is nothing you can’t do with CRM.

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