Holiday Shopping Got You Down and Overwhelmed? See What Sage Inventory Advisor Can do for You!

Sage-Inventory-Advisor-Eases-Holiday-Inventory-StressFor some people, the holiday season is anything but magical. As shoppers hit the malls and online stores to purchase everything they need to make their Christmas merry and bright, retailers and distributors are scrambling to bring a sense of order to the madness of the holiday season. If stock out situations and scheduling errors are your holiday norm, we have good news for you! With Sage Inventory Advisor, you can turn your holiday inventory situation around AND prepare for next year’s inventory expectations.

Sage Inventory Advisor provides seamless connection to your Sage 100 ERP solution, serving to eliminate manual data import/export and transmitting inventory data for analysis, replenishment, forecasting, and order and supplier management. It gives you full control of your inventory situation, allowing you to breathe easy knowing that you have the products your customers need. Take a look at the following features to see how Sage Inventory Advisor can bring you a little peace on earth:

  • Intelligent Dashboard: The dashboard provides visibility to critical financials and KPI’s such as stock outs (or potential stock outs), surplus orders, excess stock, and stock holding. It lists the top items requiring your attention, and allows users to drilldown to view data details.
  • Inventory Monitoring: Provides an early warning of potential stock out and surplus order situations.
  • Easy to Use User Interface: The software is easy to use, and the mobile interface uses standard browser behavior with contextual information for extra clarity.
  • Ordering Schedule: Shows what orders need to be placed based on item policies (forecasts, stock levels, etc.) and allows the sorting of purchase orders by personal preference.
  • Interactive Reports: The reports provide detailed (and critical) information to assist with the optimization of inventory.
  • Order Management: Provides of view of recommended new orders by supplier to place for the day. Also provides the ability to amend orders and send them back to ERP for processing.
  • Classification Matrix: The software classifies items into nine color-coded categories based on pre-calculated metrics such as quantity sold/consumed, value of sales/consumption, and velocity (time sold). This allows users to quickly identify and focus their attention on important items.
  • Supplier Performance: This highlights supplier performance through the use of relevant charts, which help users identify top performers and plan purchasing accordingly.
  • Item Data: Provides a single view of all item information, in one place.

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