2015: The Year of Social Business Collaboration

Infor-Mingle-Social-Business-ApplicationThe dawn of a new year brings forth many changes for businesses of all shapes and sizes. New business goals are made, new plans set forth, and new numbers are measured in anticipation of renewed growth and progress. Many businesses view the beginning of a new year as their “fresh start”, a clean slate on which they can project their business dreams and visions. They see exciting new opportunities and are more on-board for implementing changes than they would have been – say – the year prior.

Business technology often rides on the waves of the new year. In fact, most of us read about the anticipated top trends and new technologies before we even arrive back to work at the office. By now, you have probably read the articles detailing the top business trends for 2015. With mobile, the Cloud and innovative new apps on the horizon, many business leaders are prepping for an exciting year for of endless possibilities.

The Rise of Business Collaboration
We’d have to say that out of all the trends we have tracked, the most promising by far is the rise of business collaboration. A new social phenomenon, business collaboration solutions allow businesses to work singularly rather than disparately. They bring a sense of connection to the vertical solutions (CRM, ERP and HRMS) many companies use on a daily basis and allow executives and business managers to utilize the information, data and tools they need to get their jobs done (and done well).

Infor’s newest application, Infor Ming.le, delivers integrated collaboration capabilities into all of your business applications. Pioneered as Infor’s groundbreaking social business application, Infor Ming.le actually runs seamlessly across your vertical solutions providing collaboration features directly in the context of where you are working. This opens up a whole new area of productivity and efficiency, as well as encourages collaboration across all departments.

Using Infor Ming.le, employees can start conversations directly from within a Sales Order, and the post will link not only to the Sales Order, but also to the customer record in CRM and part number in ERP. This provides businesses with a comprehensive view of everything that is going on in the business and even allows them to keep track of changes throughout every system. The application was designed from the ground up to be deeply integrated into the business applications and into the workflow of the people who use it, changing the way companies do business for good.

Contact us today for a look at what social business collaboration can do for you. We promise, you won’t want to go back.

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