Technology Trends: What Can We Expect from ERP in 2015?

ERP-Technology-TrendsSoftware is always growing and evolving. While the basic premise and purpose of the solution remains the same, the how often changes depending upon the technology trends and business demands at the time. When it comes to ERP software, change is a necessary and vital part of the process. Businesses rely heavily on ERP to function, with ERP serving as a somewhat “central nervous system” for the business and its day-to-day processes.

In today’s age of information, flexibility and accessibility have become crucial components of any software solution. In order to keep up with the competition and keep pace with ever-changing market demands, companies needs instant access to data and information. The Cloud has certainly helped companies connect to their data; however, much more can be done regarding putting the right data into the hands of those who need it in the right moments.

Recent technology trends have focused on improving data capture and making it more accessible for everyday users and business leaders alike. Here’s a firsthand look at just how new technology trends are shaping today’s ERP systems, meeting the needs of today’s businesses, and connecting them with the data they need to operate well:

  1. Mobile ERP ensures that the job gets done, both in the office and on the road.
    Cloud-based ERP is not a complicated concept, yet many companies are still hesitant to embrace the Cloud. What many companies are not hesitant to embrace, however, is mobile. This year, mobile technology is continuing to change how ERP users engage with Cloud solutions. Mobile ERP solutions are emerging out of the woodwork, and even the everyday user can access ERP (and the data contained inside the software) on his or her phone. Expect the continued investment in mobile ERP solutions and technology to soar this year.
  2. ERP software is becoming much more user-friendly.
    When it comes to software, users are looking for a solution they can understand. Software developers have taken that into consideration and are unveiling new user interfaces for a more streamlined front-end interaction (without a decline in behind the scenes actions). The end goal? To simplify and clean up the user experience for a more personalized interaction with the software.
  3. Workflow automation is changing the ERP game.
    From a business perspective, ERP is already making life easier, but this year experts predict the software to further simplify life in the form of workflow automation. Software developers will continue to look for ways to eliminate as many human steps as possible, for it is believed that automation will not only speed up processes, but also reduce the number of mistakes resulting from human errors. When the right steps are taken to automate an ERP system, organizational workflow is streamlined and the entire business benefits.

ERP users will likely reap the benefits of maturing technology this year and in the years beyond. For more information about our ERP solutions and how they can help you meet your ever-changing business needs, contact us today.

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