Introducing WOScan for Sage 100 ERP Work Order

WOScan-for-Sage-100-ERPDoes your company need more access to real-time data in the warehouse? If so, we have the perfect solution for you. WOScan for Sage 100 Work Order is a highly flexible, adaptable wireless data collection solution designed to simplify data capture so you can better manage your operation. Using rugged handheld wireless devices or PCs, you and your team can collect labor and material data related to your work orders all while minimizing costs, maximizing productivity, and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s global marketplace.

WOScan is the ideal solution for companies already using the Sage 100 Work Order module (or companies looking to add the module), and Sage 100 ERP does not need to be running or installed on the collection device in order to function. The data is synchronized from the handheld or desktop PC to the host system via your Internet (if remote) or LAN (if local), providing you with seamless data transfer and real-time information.

Here are just a few things you can do in WOScan for Sage 100 Work Order:

  • Track labor on work orders (including total time, start and stop times)
  • Track material issues on work orders
  • Perform completions for work orders
  • Connect with other users on your company network for improved data sharing and collaboration
  • Access a live shop floor monitoring screen
  • Change, correct or delete transactions coming from any device
  • Track payroll start and stop times and export into Sage 100 ERP

Interested in learning more about WOScan for Sage 100 ERP Work Order? Contact us today.

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