4 Key Ways Cloud ERP Drills into Manufacturing Growth

Cloud-ERP-and-Manufaturing-GrowthThe manufacturing industry has needed a change for the past several years. After experiencing their fair share of setbacks and challenges – from losing market opportunities to global competition to mass layoffs and losing an entire generation of workers – manufacturers are more than ready for a new future. In order to succeed in today’s marketplace, however, manufacturers need new ways to redefine, transform and restructure their business to achieve growth and reach their goals for success. While many technologies promise to be the catalyst manufacturers need to succeed in today’s market conditions, only one has proven to bring about lasting change: the Cloud.

Manufacturers were hesitant to adopt Cloud technology in the beginning; however, now that the technology has proven itself to be not only effective but secure as well, many manufacturers are turning to the Cloud to change their manufacturing situation. Cloud deployments are becoming the norm for manufacturers, due in part to their flexibility and accessibility. Today’s managers and executive leaders need to make quick decisions based on facts. With Cloud solutions, they have access to the real-time information they need to lead their company forward.

It’s no secret that the deployment of Cloud-based solutions are changing the game for manufacturers. Here are four ways the Cloud is helping manufacturers achieve true and lasting growth:

1. With Cloud technologies, manufacturers are able to set up new locations more quickly. As the economy evolves and consumer demand increases, manufacturers are expanding their reach and setting up new facilities all around the world. These new locations can lead to significant revenue increases for manufacturers if the set up processes are expedited through the Cloud. Cloud applications allow companies to set up new branches, divisions, and distribution centers without the time and expense involved in researching, investing, implementing, testing and supporting an extensive infrastructure of hardware, customized software and servers. Essentially, Cloud solutions allow new locations to be operational in a matter of weeks rather than months.

2. Cloud solutions help manufacturers adopt a more customer-centric approach. At its core, manufacturing is all about the customer, and in order for future manufacturers to meet customer expectations for speed, capability and flexibility, they need capable and advanced solutions. Cloud ERP solutions, such as Infor CloudSuite Industrial, are designed to streamline the complexity of the manufacturing process so manufacturers can adequately meet customer expectations for speed, capability and flexibility and spend less time worrying about supporting their IT structure.

3. Cloud ERP solutions provide manufacturers with true end-to-end visibility. Today’s average manufacturer cannot achieve full end-to-end visibility with their current software and solutions. However, with Cloud technology, they can achieve real-time connectivity with their entire network of partners, customers, and stakeholders. Cloud ERP software supports a multi-dimensional approach to communication, data sharing and data storage between enterprises, making data available anytime, anywhere.

4. The Cloud brings an end to the need for software modifications and updates. How much of your time and money is spent on modifying and updating your company’s software? With Cloud ERP, the need to focus your attention on modifying or updating your software goes away. The solution provider and hosting company is responsible for any modifications and updates to your software, as well as for the security and backups. This allows manufacturers to focus their resources on other issues and have the most up-to-date tools to help them outperform the competition. Both of which contribute to their current and future growth.

Cloud ERP is changing the game for manufacturers. Don’t get left behind – contact us today to learn how we can set you up with a manufacturing ERP solution capable of helping your company climb new heights and reach new goals.

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