Go Mobile with Infor Service Management for Field Service

Your service technicians spend more time away from the office than in it; however, many traditional field service solutions do not have the capability to travel with technicians from job to job. Instead, field service technicians are required to keep extensive notes on each job and transfer those notes to the company ERP system when they get back to the office. Not only is this process inefficient, but it also does technicians no good as they don’t have access to said notes out in the field.

Today’s field service technicians need a mobile solution that can go with them as they move from job to job. They don’t have time to constantly be calling the office for updates on service requests or to check schedule changes, and they need access to customer information and service histories in order to provide quality service. That’s why Infor has created a mobile solution designed just for them.

Field Service Management in the Palm of Your Hand

With Infor Service Management for Field Service, service technicians have everything they need to provide fast and responsive service. The mobile field service solution allows them to access important company and customer information on their mobile devices or laptops, whether they are online or off. All of the information – account and service contract status, work orders, inventory updates, parts availability, pricing, and sales capabilities – can be access offline so your technicians can make decisions in the field and not have to wait until they get back to the office (delaying service).

For equipment maintenance or repair jobs, your technicians will also be able to monitor crucial warranty details on the go. This way you can keep your customers informed of the situation and assist with repair cost decisions. And with the solution’s prepackaged reports, you can also track a wide range of performance indicators (KPIs) that help you run your business more efficiently by letting you know whether your technicians are accurately billing customers for parts and labor.

Learn more about Infor Service Management for Field Service and how it can transform your field service operation.

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