What’s Your Customer Service Score?

How your employees treat and provide service to your customers says more about your company than the products you create or sell. If you can put a quality product on the shelf but fail to meet customer expectations in terms of service, your business will not be going anywhere fast. History has proven that true business growth and success begins and ends with your customers and their perception of your company.

It’s important to note that your perception of your customer service is most likely very different from your customers’ true perception. It’s natural for you to have a bias; after all, it is your company, and you always strive to do well! Unfortunately, this bias has caused many great businesses to overlook crucial customer service mistakes and eventually jeopardize their business.

Multiple studies and reports have unveiled a stark contrast between how a company states it treats its customers and how it actually treats them. This dichotomy has contributed to the growing tension and frustration felt by customers around the world, and if you are going to win your customers over, you will need to address it.

Why are customers so frustrated with the service they are provided?

The main source of contention between companies and their customers is one of a personal nature. When a customer calls or walks in, they want to be known. They do not want to have to answer the same questions about their recent purchases every time they call; they want to talk to someone who knows their history and can help solve their problem quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, most of today’s companies serve hundreds upon thousands of customers each year and remembering the details of each and every one of them is futile. While we all have the best of intentions, sales representatives and customer service agents simply cannot remember every detail about every customer. This is where customer relationship management (CRM) software comes into the picture.

How CRM software provides a more personalize approached to customer service

To put it simply, CRM software is the brain behind your company. It supports the functions of your customer service department and fills in gaps when necessary. With CRM software, you can track customer histories, customer interactions and inquiries, and customer responses to marketing campaigns all within one system, giving you insider knowledge into what makes your customers tick. This, in turn, can help you better personalize your approach when they call with a question or concern.

Don’t leave your customer relationships up to chance. Learn more about CRM today and discover how you can begin to improve your customer service scores.

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