Is Infor CloudSuite Industrial Secure Enough for My Company?

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing the benefits of moving to Infor CloudSuite Industrial (formerly known as Infor SyteLine) and the impact it can have on your manufacturing and distribution operation. The Cloud has come a long way since its introduction on the business technology scene, and the concerns we would have warned people about when it first debuted have been put to rest through continuous improvements to the technology. Still, many business owners worry about the safety and security of storing their business-critical data in the Cloud.

While we cannot speak on all Cloud-based business solutions, Infor CloudSuite Industrial was designed with data security as a top priority. The Infor CloudSuite design team developed the software according to industry best-practice protocols, continuing to make improvements along the way. The software does not rely on any single security device, practice or technique to keep your data safe. Instead, it maintains a “defense in depth” strategy that weaves multiple layers of overlapping security to safeguard your data throughout the entire solution to ensure the highest security available. To top it off, Infor’s team of specialists are constantly monitoring and improving the security of the system to stay ahead of threats.

Infor understands the needs throughout industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and finance and has – in turn – develop a Cloud suite that can uphold these industries’ high data standards and security expectations. Take a look at Infor CloudSuite Industrial’s security structure and see for yourself how it really does address every level:

1. Application Security – Security requirements are architected into the software design from the beginning and codes are reviewed regularly.

2. Network Security – The Infor CloudSuite network is independent from Infor’s corporate network and it is not broadcasted from an antenna or wireless transmitter. In fact, all remote access requires a virtual private network with two-factor authentication.

3. Physical Security – Infor CloudSuite Industrial’s IT network and infrastructure is housed in biometric-protected data centers that observe specific best practices, including guard-controlled access with man-trap technology, registered guest restrictions, locked cage spaces, closed-circuit television monitoring, and multiple systems for physical intrusion monitoring, detection and alerting.

4. Operations Security – The IT infrastructure is built, maintained and administered in compliance with the security standards required for global data centers. The architecture of the software leverages the concept of in-depth security by using technologies such as SSL/TLS and transaction-based business logic, as well as encryption and privacy controls.

5. Security Monitoring – From dynamic password management (and period prompted new password creation) to the constant logging, monitoring and auditing of security incidents, Infor CloudSuite Industrial has your security as a top priority. The software maintains ISO-27001 compliance and undergoes SSAE 16 assessments.

Making the move from on-premises software to the Cloud can be scary, or at least unfamiliar. If you have questions or would just like to discuss your options, give us a call at (678) 456-6919 today. We would be happy to discuss your current software situation and help you determine if moving to Infor CloudSuite Industrial is the right move for you.

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