The Secret to Decreasing the Costs and Risks Associated with Sales Tax Management

Sales Tax Management Doesn’t Have to Be as Hard as You Think

Last month we discussed why businesses get audited and what you can do to avoid sales tax penalties. Hopefully you learned a few new facts about sales tax audits and now understand the importance of maintaining sales tax accuracy. This month, we’d like to expand upon the idea of managing sales tax accuracy and negating risk with sales tax management software.

Every state and jurisdiction has their own sales tax rate, and taxability can depend on who the customer is and what product (or service is being sold). The variables of sales tax are constantly changing, and it can be almost impossible for companies to manage without a dedicated sales tax solution. Read this interview with Avalara’s Strategic Alliance Manager, Jordan Grant, to learn more about how sales tax management software can help you decrease the high costs and risk of sales tax management.

If you are looking for more information about sales tax management software, click here.

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