Accounts Payable Automation is a Reality

Accounts Payable (AP) automation is at the top of most companies’ wish lists – simply because the cost savings and increased productivity are instantaneous. The lack of visibility, costs associated with processing, and unnecessary time spent to manually process AP invoices make for an arduous and often inefficient ordeal. But with a document management solution fully integrated to your Sage ERP system, that AP automation dream can easily become a reality.

Take Control of Your Payables Processing

Integrated document management and workflow relieves you of familiar bottlenecks like rushing a document cross-country to the corporate office so it can be signed and returned to you, or waiting for a coworker on vacation to sign an invoice sitting on her desk. AP automation also affords you full control of payables processing, from receipt of vendor invoices to voucher entry.

AP Automation Saves Time

By going paperless and automating this business process, you will save time and have greater financial control of your AP invoice process with the ability to:

  • Electronically process an invoice through proper channels without wasting time and money to mail, fax, copy or manually ship documents.
  • Electronically “stamp” an invoice with your approval or disapproval (with the click of a mouse or your mobile device).
  • Access vendor and GL account information to code and authorize invoices without needing to access the Sage ERP solution.
  • Easily track the status of an invoice instead of waiting for a coworker who is holding up the approval process.
  • Index documents so you can quickly pull up an invoice – as well as its supplemental documents – with any of its index values.

For more information on AP automation and how it can affect your company specifically, please contact us.

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