Sage CRM Software Interactive Dashboards Appeal to All Learning Styles

Sage CRM softwareSage CRM Software includes a very important feature needed to leverage your customer and sales information—the interactive dashboard. Using this customizable tool, you can create personalized snapshots of information and tasks. Each dashboard can be customized with gadgets and reports that provide sales people, managers and executives with the information they need in the style that works best for them.

Adapting CRM Interactive Dashboards to Learning Styles

People have different learning styles and require different types of reports that allow them to quickly understand and react to the data. Consider using the following concepts gleaned from the real of adult education and training about learning styles.

What are learning styles? According to educational theorists, individuals have a dominant and preferred method of acquiring and retaining new information. These learning styles include:

  • Auditory: Auditory learners need to hear information to process it. They understand CRM data and retain information best when it is spoken aloud. Links to videos and presentations work well.
  • Visual: Visual learners learn best by seeing information in charts, graphs, or other pictorial representations. These CRM users will react well to CRM graphical reports.
  • Kinesthetic: Also called tactile learners, this group must handle the data in order to understand it. If you are presenting data, this can be accomplished through role plays, simulations, or even colorful anecdotes that helps your audience grasp key points. Being able to drill down for more information and perform tasks from the interactive dashboard will engage this type of CRM user.

Using Learning Styles in Sales Presentations

The Sage CRM interactive dashboard taps into these learning styles so that every staff member can understand the importance of the data being shared. These dashboard reports are also useful when you need to present your data in a style that is understood and retained by all types of learning styles.

Instead of dropping data on your team and hoping it sticks, try these three presentation methods. Each appeals to a different learning style. By adapting these to your data presentations, you’ll have a much better chance at ensuring that the crucial information in your presentation is understood and retained by your audience.

  1. Provide graphs, especially bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts: These visual representations of CRM data are most easily understood by your visual learners.
  2. Stage a demonstration: To show that a customer sale will result in future revenue, ask someone in the audience for a dollar bill, and hand then back a $5 bill. Your kinesthetic or tactile learners will immediately grasp the concept in a deeper way than just stating the data aloud, which appeals only to the auditory learners in the group.
  3. Read key points from a summary document for your auditory learners, and include a Q and A session at the end of the presentation.

Sage CRM Software Interactive Dashboards

Sage CRM software seamlessly integrates with your Sage ERP system.  Not only do the CRM dashboard reports feed information from Sage CRM, they can also pull accounting or inventory data from your Sage 100 or Sage 500 system as well as from external websites. You can drag and drop gadgets onto your dashboard to create the customized display you want.

Sage CRM software gadgets are available for tasks such as logging a new case or advancing a sales opportunity to the next step. You can include gadgets for your calendar, appointments, sales opportunities, important customer contacts and more. Learn more about Sage CRM interactive dashboards.

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