Sage 100 Manufacturing Software for Improved Work Order Solutions

Sage 100 manufacturing software is even better when you choose a combined ERP, manufacturing and warehousing solution. ONE for Sage 100 improves automation for manufacturing businesses and more with simple barcodes, scanning, and tracking technologies that automate your warehouse and reduce errors.

Manufacturing and warehouse management is both an art and a science. While you want to be as efficient as possible, you can’t sacrifice speed for quality and accuracy. Thanks to ONE for Sage 100 manufacturing, you get the best of all possible worlds in one easy to use software.

Improved Pallet and Multi-Bin Tracking with Work Order

You can now choose a new module for Sage 100, Enhanced Multi-Bin and Pallet Tracking with Work Order. This module works seamlessly with Sage 100 ERP.  By adding this module, you can track pallets in work order and completion rate. You can also validate against existing pallets and create the next synchronous number for your pallets. Creating pallet IDs on the fly is also easier than to desktop and mobile access.

Think about the flexibility this gives you in your warehouse. You’re no longer tied down to a desk. Instead, pull out your smartphone or tablet and tap in the information. Access and track bins, pallets and more with the tap of a finger. The more information that you have, the more efficient your business can be with Sage 100.

Automation and Barcoding Solutions for Sage 100 Manufacturing Solutions

Mobile, hand-held barcoding devices can automate your warehouse management using the latest in technology and cloud software. Now you can choose what device you want to use to manage inventory for Sage 100. Scanco Warehouse will run on Windows-based scanners, phones, tablets or desktops. It also works on IOS and Android devices, lowering your hardware costs exponentially. Scanco Warehouse has the functionality of a complete warehouse management solution as well has sales and field service functionality.

Sage 100 Multi-Bin and Warehouse Management

Scanco Warehouse works with Multi-Bin and Warehouse Management for Sage 100. Use this software to improve warehouse productivity and reduce inventory shrinkage. Directed picking, directed put-away and warehouse zones are all included. Pick by order, wave picking or wave batch picking – it’s all included. You can also define your own picking algorithms for the ultimate flexibility.

Work Order Automation: WOScan for Sage 100 Work Order

Automating the eight Sage 100 Work Order module transactions just got a little easier. Scanco Warehouse interfaces with WOScan. With this combination, you can get real-time work order raw materials inventory transfers or lookup on your handheld devices.

WOScan allows your shop floor employees to record the materials issued, labor assigned to the work order, and warehouse changes. This data automatically with Sage 100 for manufacturing, so that you’re never without an accurate update.

ONE Solution with Sage 100 ERP Offers Plenty of Benefits

ONE from Scanco and ACS, which includes Sage 100 ERP, offers many benefits for manufacturing and warehouse management. With these tools, you can:

  • Reduce redundancy
  • Eliminate costly delays
  • Increase data accuracy
  • Automate data collection and seamless interfaces
  • Improve control and visibility over your warehouse and job shop

It’s one cost-effective solution that offers features and benefits once available only to big companies. Now with Sage 100 ERP and ONE, you can improve your warehouse management and reap the rewards of better productivity and profits.

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