Sage Intelligence for Sage Accounting Software: Better Business Intelligence

Sage Accounting SoftwareSage accounting software offers a powerful tool to help you keep track of your company’s finances. With Sage Intelligence, included in Sage 500, you can gain exceptional insight and clarity across all aspects of your organization.

Companies are often swimming in data but lacking information. It’s not the quantity but the quality of the information available that can make a big difference in the efficiency and profitability of your organization. With Sage accounting software and Sage Intelligence, you can achieve it all.

Challenges Facing SMBs Today

According to a survey of Sage customers, the top challenges facing small and mid-sized businesses include:

  1. Retrieving data in a timely, efficient manner to better drive business decision making.
  2. Integrating information across disparate systems to form one unified, coherent vision.
  3. Finding and using information to drive down costs.

All three of these challenges can be overcome with the right software. Software such as Sage accounting software can provide the data you need. Sage Intelligence, the business intelligence software that can be used in conjunction with various Sage products, makes such data useful. It combines powerful tools that enable you to retrieve, view, and visualize data for better decision making.

Meaningful Reports Eliminate Blind Spots

Not all reports are useful. Meaningful reports, however, can eliminate business blind spots that lead to poor decision making.

Good reporting answers key questions about your business. It helps you see where you are today and how far you’ve progressed from a prior time period. It can help you adjust production schedules, review compliance issues, and address important questions in a timely manner.

Continual access to real-time data through the use of good reports helps you uncover potential blind spots early on. When you uncover them early, you can address them and fix issues before they become problems.

Companies that integrate ERP and BI capabilities see a 55% improvement in cycle times, according to a report published by the Aberdeen group and cited in the previously mentioned Sage study. It’s a great example of how business intelligence, combined with smart ERP, can help you improve processes and efficiencies.

Prediction Is Possible

Predicting future business needs isn’t just a wish—it is possible with good business intelligence software. Better forecasting enables you to correct your course of action, make adjustments to production processes and cycle times, and use resources better and smarter.

With Sage Intelligence and Sage 500 you can have it all. Sales forecast planning, pipeline management, demand forecasting, and inventory optimization are all possible thanks to the combination of accurate data from the ERP system and useful reports from the BI system.

Sage Accounting Software and Sage Intelligence: Better Business, Better Forecasting

Sage accounting software, Sage Intelligence, and other Sage products put the power of accurate, real-time data at your fingertips. The reporting functions in the BI system enable you not just to see data, but to use it effectively. It’s a system that is comparatively easy to set up and initiate, so onboarding is shortened for your entire team. Shorter onboarding means you can use the system faster.

If it’s time to ditch the “fire drills” and rush projects, and time to predict, plan, analyze, and forecast, then Sage products are for you. The right software can make a big difference in how your business operations.

No one functions well under tight timelines. Rush deadlines tend to produce sloppy work. When you can plan for work inflows and predict equipment and raw material needs, you can develop tighter estimates and better timelines. All of this leads to improved workflow, productivity, and efficient use of labor and equipment.

Sage accounting software is the starting point for better business management. Sage 500, Sage Intelligence, and other Sage products can make data faster to retrieve and easier to interpret than ever before. Speak with the experts at Emerald TC today to learn more about these and other fine Sage software products.

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