Sage Mobility for Barcode Makes Onboarding Faster and Easter

Sage mobilityDid you know that Sage Mobility for Barcode can make your new employee onboarding process both faster and easier?

Onboarding new talent, whether full time, part-time, or seasonal employees, takes considerable time and effort. In fact, the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment pegs it at 65 hours and 3 months for employees to reach full productivity. Considering that seasonal workers are rarely hired for more than two months, getting new employees up to speed quickly makes sense.

That’s where Sage Mobility for Barcode enters the picture. It integrates seamlessly with Sage 100 cloud ERP and offers software that most employees understand intuitively.

Avoid Productivity Setbacks

Many distribution and manufacturing firms face enormous challenges around the holidays when seasonal temps swell the workforce. These temps must be trained quickly in the products, processes, and systems at your facility in order to do their jobs well, but the challenge is finding someone to train them—and ensuring they understand the basics needed to do their job accurately and well, even if it’s just for a short time.

A recent New York Times article quoted Amy Glaser, a senior vice president at Adecco, a staffing firm, who explained: “Two years ago, companies required warehouse workers to have high school diplomas and experience with the scanners used to track their merchandise. Now, increasingly, they require neither.”

The same article indicated that mandatory criminal background checks for employment had also declined by 1%, and cited Burning Glass Technologies, a software company that analyzes job-market data, which found a marked increase in “postings open to people without experience.”

Ensuring Warehouse Accuracy

Although the national average is 65 hours to train new employees, as cited in the opening paragraph of this article, for manufacturers it can take even longer. That’s because you aren’t just training people to run one machine or piece of equipment. There’s also training people in multiple jobs, processes, systems, and safety needs. All of this requires complex training cycles and repeated training sessions to ensure that learning goals are met.

Adding complexity to the already difficult training process, current low unemployment rates around the nation have spurred manufacturers and distributors to expand their employment opportunities to non-traditional workers and unskilled employees. Training these types of employees is usually a more demanding process—and training large numbers of these entry-level employees at once (as many manufacturers and distributors are currently having to do), can make the training process extremely tough, both for the trainers and the trainees.

Make Training More Productive

With the ever-tightening job market and the massive job shortage looming, manufacturers may struggle to fill a pool of over 2 million empty jobs.  It’s a smart idea to set up a system now that will help you train and empower more employees in the long run.

Sage Mobility for Barcode can help the training process by providing support and resources for all your employees, at every level of experience, which will free up your time and attention so you can focus on the careful, accurate training you need to bring your least skilled workers up to speed in a reasonable timeframe. Plus, with Sage Mobility, you’ll also easily be able to monitor everyone’s progress so you’ll know where to devote extra attention and can allocate your time appropriately.

Sage Mobility for Barcode helps with:

  • Sales—quotes, invoices, payments
  • Inventory—physical and cycle counts, reviews, freezing
  • Warehouse—receiving, picking, shipping
  • Manufacturing—labor tracking, work orders, quality control
  • Field Service—dispatching, real-time work status, invoicing

Sage Mobility for Barcode enables your company to train all newcomers to the company on the latest software in record time. It’s a smart investment that will save you time, money, and problems by making it easy to train new and temporary warehouse staff.

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