4 Tips for Successful Infor Field Service Management

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Your field service operations are on the front lines representing your company to the customer. As the face of the company after the sale, your field service team’s performance is a key factor in customer satisfaction.  Studies show that the majority of customers who take their business elsewhere do so because of poor customer service. Making the most of customer relationships is essential to corporate profitability. This is why it is important to arm your field service team with the tools they need to do their job well.

Service is a Key Factor in Customer Satisfaction Levels

Effective field service requires investment. With  field service software like Infor Service Management for Field Service, your technicians can connect to your company’s enterprise resource planning system and access the information they need to answer important customer questions, view inventory statuses and complete work orders. In order to make the most of this Infor software, it is important to follow these four tips for a successful service program.

4 Service Elements that Lead to Profitability

Product design: No matter how good your field service staff is, if the product design is poor, customer satisfaction will suffer. In addition, the product should be designed to be serviceable. Field service reps should have access to up-to-date work instructions in the field. If the product changes, the instructions should be immediately available to the field employee. With Infor Service Management for Field Service, technicians can track and manage work orders so they can ensure timely completion of service requests and accurate billing.

Operational investments: Service should not be considered to be a cost that should be eliminated. Service calls are an opportunity to interact with a customer and improve the customer experience. Excellence comes at a cost. Making operational investments in field service will pay off in increased customer satisfaction. Some customers may choose to pay more for a product in order to receive superb service. Meanwhile missed or poor service calls can impact the customer’s, and your company’s, profitability. Using paper to managing customer information, product changes and other important transactions can lead to errors and customer dissatisfaction.

Better Employees: The service function is people intensive. Paying careful attention to recruiting, selection and training, and providing tools to your field representatives to do their job well will result in better service representatives, better service and lead toward higher customer satisfaction.

Customer management: You should be actively engaged in your customers’ success and help them to reach their goals.  Deep customer knowledge can lead to better service and increased sales. Having customer information accessible to everyone who connects with that customer will result in deeper customer knowledge, leading to better service and increases sales. Investing in training to ensure that the customer knows how to use the product will result in fewer service calls. Another opportunity for revenue gains is to enable field representatives to function as sales reps by offering additional products and services. The Infor software provides your technicians with customer profiles and service history wherever they need it whether in the field or in the office.

Infor Service Management for Field Service Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Mobile field service capabilities integrated with your enterprise resource planning system should be a vital part of your field service strategy.  If you are still relying on paper service transactions, it may be time to invest in this critical function. Mobile field solutions can improve your service technicians’ productivity, increase efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.

Infor Service Management for Field Service is a flexible, robust service management solution designed to meet the specific needs of organizations who manufacture, install or service complex products. The Infor software integrates with your Infor CloudSuite Industrial enterprise resource planning system. Infor Service Management for Field Service ensures a smooth and constant flow of information between your employees, departments and service functions so that your customers receive the quality service they expect. This field service Infor software can be accessed on mobile devices, handhelds and laptops providing your technicians with the flexibility they need to meet customer expectations.

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