5 Ways to Promote Cross-Functional Collaboration

Businessman pushing button handshake icon webDo you have functional silos in your company? Do your departments have stand-alone processes and systems? If so, it is time for a change. Competitive and market pressures have required manufacturers to change their behind-the-scenes operations into a strategic process that integrates sales, marketing, product development and service. Collaboration between functions is critical to enable your company to move toward optimal performance.

Cross-functional collaboration is best facilitated by integrated technology because standalone systems impose informational and operational silos. Departments cannot be integrated unless your business software talks to each other. Installing the most comprehensive system in each area that doesn’t communicate isn’t much better than no system at all. For operations, this means that your manufacturing and warehousing systems must be united with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Warehouse management systems, sales, service and accounting software should all be integrated, sharing the same database in real time. When all functions input data and have access to the ERP database, everyone can work together. An integrated system will improve efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Cross-Functional Collaboration Improves Operational Effectiveness

Emerald TC offers enterprise resource planning software and integrated tools that will help your company improve operational effectiveness. Whether you are using Infor CloudSuite Industrial, Sage 500 or Sage 100 ERP systems, we have a product that can enable cross-functional collaboration.

Sales: Your sales team needs ERP data in the field. Mobile customer relationship management tools can deliver a more personalized customer experience. Using mobile access to your ERP, you can complete orders in the field, enter important customer information into your enterprise resource planning systems and capture payments seamlessly. The data are transferred instantly to the ERP providing the other departments with the customer and sales information they need.

Marketing: Using ERP system sales and operational data, marketing can analyze trends and performance of products allowing them to adapt quickly to changes in customer requirements.

Finance: Accurate and timely information is key to giving finance and accounting the tools they need to evaluate costs, follow cash flow, and manage assets. Sage and Infor accounting software seamlessly integrate with other departments so that data is only entered once.

Operations: Manufacturing and warehousing automation are important pieces of operational excellence. Automation enables operations to be accurate and efficient. When systems are still paper, inventory counts in the ERP are not updated until the data is keyed into the system meaning that individuals accessing the system have an inaccurate reflection of quantities. Inaccurate data result in shipping errors, broken promises to customers, lost sales and poor inventory levels. Clearly these problems have a negative effect on the company bottom line.

Using Infor Warehouse Mobility allows you to accurately input inventory data directly into your ERP system and make it accessible to other departments so they can do their job better. Any changes made to the ERP data are instantly available in the warehouse. It works both ways, any data collected on the warehouse floor are instantly accessible to the Sage 100 and, therefore, other departments.

Field Service: Field service personnel need access to real time information on the ERP. The Infor Service Management for Field Service module gives a real time view of customer and work order data. Mobile field services capabilities integrated with your enterprise resource planning system should be a vital part of your field service strategy. These solutions can improve your service technician’s productivity, increase efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.

Integrated Tools Enable Cross-Functional Collaboration

Emerald TC specializes in helping mid-market, multi-location companies in the Southeastern United States transform their processes to promote cross-functional collaboration. We can help you choose and implement a technology solution that will increase productivity, growth and profitability. Contact us today to learn more about cross-functional collaboration using Infor CloudSuite Industrial, Sage 500 or Sage 100.

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