Sage 100 2016: A Genuine Web-Based ERP

Sage 100 2016 ReleaseWe are pleased to announce that Sage 100 2016 is now available. The latest version of Sage 100 places the entire power of the product onto the web and enables you to easily add mobile access to existing processes.

Using the power of the web-based Sage 100, you can easily transform your business and begin meeting profitability and productivity goals. Users can access Sage 100 through any device including smartphones, tablets and desktops. The new Sage 100 web screens do not link to the classic data entry screens. Instead, it provides a complete web experience for browsing and entering data. The flexible viewing options allows users to view data in the most efficient way that makes sense to them. You can even bring your customized screens to the web.

We’ve talked about the importance of incorporating mobile technology into your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. (See What you Need to Know about Mobility and Your ERP.) Mobile technology has become engrained in our everyday lives and in business process as well. In order to facilitate mobility, business applications, including enterprise resource planning software, need to adapt to offer full web capability.

Web-Based ERP Offers Flexibility, Scalability and Accessibility

Mobile technology has changed the way businesses work. Enterprise resource planning software already works to streamline the operational efficiency of companies that have it in place; however, with web-based versions of the same software, that efficiency is expanded, allowing many companies to experience even greater productivity. A web-based ERP, like Sage 100 2016, provides access from any device on any platform without expensive software or customization. This model is especially valuable when you have multiple locations that need access to real-time updates and reports. Web-based systems increase the ability to collaborate among a global workforce, enable more agile decisions and promote common organizational standards. Managers and executives are able to make faster and more informed decisions, leading to increased profitability and growth.

Today, it is important for remote and off-site employees to have access to the same data and information their counterparts are privy to inside the business office. This allows more to get done on a daily basis and prevents any significant delays from remote or off-site workers waiting to enter information into the company’s system or obtain an important report for final decision-making. The collaboration that occurs when a business uses web-based ERP software is natural and effective. Employees all across the organization (even around the world) can have access to the same real-time information and use it to streamline almost every process in every area of the company, including finance, production, human resources, and customer relationship management.

3 Ways to Use Mobile Technology to Boost Productivity and Profitability

While web-based enterprise resource planning and other business management solutions work to streamline processes and data entry, they also offer creative possibilities that can truly impact your business. When used correctly, mobile technology can lead to a substantial boost in productivity and profits, allowing businesses to gain a competitive advantage and meet current business goals.

Here are suggestions for ways businesses can utilize mobile technology solutions to boost their productivity and increase profitability:

  1. Sharing information through mobile avenues to speed up the development of new products, upgrades, and business plans. This allows companies to obtain immediate feedback from both employees and customers, leading to faster research and development so companies can stay ahead of the competition. By utilizing their mobile solutions and engaging with customers at a mobile level, the information avenue expands, leading to more insight at a higher rate and faster product returns.
  2. Creating mobile sales campaigns to engage customers and prospects. The majority of today’s customers read emails, look at Facebook, and shop from their mobile devices, so why not create specified sales campaigns for the mobile user? Whether you utilize SMS (text) messaging, mobile websites, QR codes, banner ads, social media posts, or mobile applications, mobile can help you get your message out to the customer quickly.
  3. Develop a mobile app to speed up the ordering or service process. Today’s customers love apps for their ease and convenience. Businesses who develop mobile applications to help streamline the ordering process of products and services often see a quick return on their efforts. By making it easier for your customers to order from your company (and even view the status of their orders and services), you make it easier for your company to meet profitability goals.

Use the Power of Sage 100 2016 to Transform Your Business

If you want the look and feel of the cloud, while still controlling your network and hardware, Sage 100 2016 is for you. For more information on what web-based Sage 100 2016 has to offer, contact us today

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